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  1. Tech Corner
    Hey BOTL's, Ive got a survey about Apple products that I need answered for class. It'll just take 2 minutes and it'd help me a ton! I appreciate it!
  2. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    Used -twice- w/ my iPad that was already sold. Connects via Bluetooth $100 shipped
  3. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    Selling for $700 OBO - Only 2 months of use and purchased @ $795 from the local Apple store (16GB + Keyboard & Trackpad). I's never left the comfort of my home and is jailbroken in current state w/ no cosmetic flaws/scratches. The apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse touch pad are included...
  4. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    I've got a like new Apple iPad 16GB WiFi version for sale if anyone is interested. I bought it about eight months ago and believe I've used it roughly six or seven times. It's in flawless, mint, perfect condition. Not one single scratch, nick, dent, or blemish anywhere on the front, back, and...
  5. General Discussion
    So I got the email at 6:30 this morning and I have the reservation at the apple store by 7. Apple - iPhone 4 - Video calls, multitasking, HD video, and more so is anyone else a Apple whore like me?
  6. Tech Corner
    As most have already heard, Steve Jobs, the CEO, founder and mastermind behind Apple, the worlds most successful technology company is going on medical leave. A while back he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and also received a liver transplant. Anyhow, he's the primary reason for products...
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm going to be in NYC next week and was wondering if there are certain "must visit" places in the city. I'm very new to all this and don't get out that much so I welcome any thoughts you guys may have.
  8. Tech Corner
    Last year my wife and children got me a 17" Macbook Pro for my b-day, and I love it! Anyone else using a Mac? If so, what kind? Do you sync and iPod to it for traveling tunes? -W
  9. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hi everybody, just joined an hour or so ago. My name is Joel. I only smoke CC's, and my favorite vitolas are robustos and petit coronas :rockon:
  10. Cigar Pictures
    the American way
  11. General Discussion
    if you are interested in a free trial of iWork '09 check it out here. I personally don't use it, but am going to check it out for 30 days for the heck of it. iLife looks cool, but will wait for snow leopard to come out to get it instead of buying separate. Apple - iWork - Documents...
  12. General Discussion
    I have been die hard PC for years but I think the day has come to make the switch to Mac. Any of you made the switch? Any suggestion for making a smooth transition? The Macs just seem like they are ahead of the curve and the power in the workstations are brute force. Daniel
  13. General Pipe Forum
    Hello. Today has finished here such pipe "Apple" Other photos at me on a site.
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    I don't know about you, but I'm an apple cider fiend. Not the pasturized homoginized crap, I'm talking about the stuff that will turn to hard cider if you don't drink it quick enough. So as I search for some of the good stuff in my new location, I'm hoping for some suggestions on what to smoke...
  15. General Discussion
    So the lower RAM slot failed in my Powerbook, this is a known problem but it was WELL outside my warranty. Called in and they said they would make an exception and fix it for free. The next night I was backing up all my data and my HD failed. I sent it in just expecting them to fix the RAM slot...
  16. Cigar Pictures
    I ordered the 5'er of Man O'wars Alex offered up so I was expecting a package..........I went to check the mailbox and KAAABOOOM! Tony Ricciardi snuck one in when I was least expecting it. Don't make me call my Jersey connections! ;) Seriously, great smokes from a great BOTL!
  17. Cigar Pictures
    A while back jitzy noticed that i was charmed by the Dos Capos from Ghurkha. He send me a pm that he probably had 2 are 3 in his humi, he said that he would look up for me when he was back from his vacation. So actually I was waithing for a mail, BUT; Yesterday when I came home afther work I saw...
1-17 of 52 Results