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  1. General Discussion
    what is the best FREE software available out there---anyone???
  2. General Pipe Forum
    We have discussed Anti Smoking and Taxes on this board, but I wanted to update the discussion with some current data. You can skip the background if you want and scroll down to the meat if you want. First, be aware I am a Libertarian and I think Democans and Repulicrats are both full of crap...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    Fort Greene residents fume over Diamante's Brooklyn Cigar Lounge Really? Excess smoke floating across the street and into your house? It's gotta be no more than the occasional whiff of smoke. Maybe if these people lived DIRECTLY ABOVE the cigar store (and were dumb enough to rent there even...
  4. Cigar Questions
    My mom smokes and was for a time taking anti depression meds. She said that when she took the meds the smokes lost flavor, like sucking air. I take such meds and wonder if this is why many cigars don't seem full of flavor?
  5. General Discussion
    My dog appears to be an Anti-smoker! Every time I have a cigar in my hand either inside or outside she snorts and sneezes. The funny thing fake!!! Shes not sneezing! She has learned to fake sneeze. I swear my dogs are human.
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    I just found this and I think it's great. Especially for people who aren't into and don't understand the cigar culture. Taxes are something that we're going to have to fight and this kinda stuff can really help. Enjoy,
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    Given the current climate on CS. what with all the newb uprisings and trash talk... It's time to Put our foot down! So I'm inviting all non-newb Club stogie to help in organizing a quick and organized attack of the whippersnapper newbies, and other up-starts... Now Who's With me...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    I have a big meeting at a bank today, and I've been really nervous and stressed about it, but luckily I arrived in San Antonio a few hours early and stopped by C.I.G.A.R. to kill some time. They were nice enough to let me use their private lounge, and now, one ITC 10 Year later, my nerves are...
  9. Tobacco Legislation This site has a ton of info and studies particularly about ETS - Environmental tobacco smoke and second hand smoke. The layout is bad but the wealth of information is astounding. I do not deny that smoking is bad for one's health especially if not...
  10. Southern
    since CI decided to eff a whole bunch of loyal customers by offering tickets to only those who are in the special circle (even though they just chose people at random, or so they say, and I finally had a pic pop up in my CI account, but the tickets are already sold out great timing), we should...
  11. General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm looking for an alternate solution to Norton Antivirus. The 2006 version is a real space hog and dramatically slows down my PC and I'm told the 2007 version is even worse. My subscription is about to run out and I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for another product that is...
  12. General Discussion
    I am deeply insulted that anybody would take my views on American foreign policy and smear me saying that what I say is anti-American. Anti-Bush is even pushing it, because I like Bush and he clearly was the best of the 2 in the last election, but I do strongly believe that some of his policies...
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    so i found this link online today and wanted to pass it along to everyone on all boards. once you click on it you might wonder why i've posted it here. well, it's because the more of these that any of us pro smokers can get in our hands the less there will be out there. this company apparently...
  14. General Discussion
    Windows Defender is the beta 2 version. I loaded it today and seems to be working well. For those interested it can be found here and it is free. Stacey
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    From Letter to the Editors, NYTimes, To the Editor: Rosemary Ellis ("The Secondhand Smoking Gun," Op-Ed, Oct. 15) argues that smoking bans, like the ones in New York and Boston, reduce heart attacks and generally improve public health. While this may be true, it misses the real point. Lots...
1-15 of 15 Results