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  1. Coffee Discussion
    This new MooB'Q grill roaster is confusing me. I'll need to roast many pounds to get the hang of it. :confused: Whoever provides me with two pounds of experimental green beans will allow me to roast them, exercise the new burrset in the MazzerMini, package and ship it to our new friends (thru...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    In anticipation of the graduation party I'm hosting this weekend, I swung by my local B&M and picked up a few for the mild to medium crowd. Monte Cristo White #1 Ashton Prime Ministers Gran Habano #1 Churchills Montesino Gran Corona Naturals Romeo y Juileta Reserve Real #2 Torpedos Torano...
  3. Coffee Discussion
    Hello roasters at CS, of whom there are now many. It is now up for discussion to see if there is interest in many of us running the same bean at the same time. I don't envision a competition or even a pass (unless folks really want some kind of pass - face it, it's harder to pass beans than...
1-3 of 3 Results