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  1. General Discussion
    ...this won't change your mind! :rockon: // Media » Top 10 Low Pass Flyby's Of All Time Top 10 low pass flybys of all time. Worth a look!
  2. General Discussion
    I'll be taking my first international flight next week and was told by someone at work that I should buy some noise canceling headphones. Will I need an adapter to use my own headphones on an airplane? Do noise canceling headphones work very well and are they worth the money? What headphones...
  3. General Discussion
    Who doesn't love flying things?? And don't we all have some A4 8 1/2 x 11 kicking around?? Kids yup they love them too and they're pretty harmless. I stink at origami but I was able to fold some of them. Also for those of us who get confused by all those dashed lines and little arrows theres an...
  4. Cigar Questions
    I am flying to Michigan tomorrow and I am taking my 4 count humi with me. Will it be ok in checked luggage and how are the airports with cutters? I know that no lighters are allowed.
  5. General Discussion
    Iv'e asked this on a few other hobby & engineering sites.. Let's say, NASA managed to get a gymnasium sized addition to the space station. Typical school sized gym, with the right atmosphere & pressure for us. The current occupants, being a little bored, decided to have a 'paper plane'...
  6. General Discussion
    Anybody out there into R/C flying? Now that the Drs. at the FAA say I can't fly anymore I need to fly something from the ground. Can you imagine they said they couldn't renew a medical just because I only see out of one eye, no depth perception, and have a bad heart. Kind of heartless of them...
1-6 of 6 Results