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  1. Business Networking
    * Tired of financial struggles? Could you use an additional source of income?---We are currently recruiting insurance agents in all states. IF you are not licensed I can show you how to get licensed quickly and start working with *OUR* clients. Full-Time and Part-Time,* INCREDIBLE * income!***...
  2. General Pipe Forum
    ...Aquinas, GlassEye, PDX, PipeMike and ZKramer... The Frog has left the pad. I repeat: The Frog has left the pad.
  3. Business Networking
    Wondered if there were any other real estate agents from TN on here. Open to referrals for the Middle TN area, and would love to send any to other BOTL. -- Frank Duncan RE/MAX Choice Properties Realtor, Auctioneer APP Multi-Million Dollar Producer, SAR Award 2009 615-545-4729...
  4. Cigar Bombs
    Well looks like we have four Double Secret Agents here! Went to my PO Box tonight and as I walked thru the door 4 blast blew me back against the windshield of my truck! Seems docruger had set up some Smart Bombs behind my back, and these four where in on out! I won't forget this. Mr Mayorga...
  5. General Discussion
    Since I feel so at home here, I thought I would seek some career advice: I was licensed and sold Real Estate for C-21 for a couple of years back in 91. Now I live in Nevada and and trying to decide on the most expedient way to get my Nevada license. I enjoyed the field but needed a steady...
  6. General Discussion
    Raise a Pint: Scientists Say Beer Has Essential Cancer-Fighting Agents
  7. General Discussion
    I've been tossing the idea back and forth for years of working part time as a real estate agent. Obtaining the license locally doesn't seem to be too big of a hassle however I was concerned my schedule with a full time job would not be sufficient. Having heard of part time agents I assume...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    It may be cigars, and not ketchup, that contain natural mellowing agents. Since I've followed this forum I've been the recipiant of kind advice, laffs-out-loud, great guidance (about cigars, anyhow) and expert leads on where to find kickin' smokes at reasonable prices. I want to thank you...
1-8 of 8 Results