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  1. Sports Forum
    YEAH BABY, An offseason when we are excited about our personel moves. We have the best offense (a complete non-arguable if Chad leaves Bengals) and our defense (who is young, fast, and as talented as they come) has been plagued by AWEFUL schemes, is getting a makeover. 5 flat 40 leigh bodden is...
  2. Sports Forum
    I'm thinking Packers and Patriots are the winners tomorrow, but I think the Giants will keep that game close, but the Pats will BLOWOUT the Bolts...
  3. Sports Forum
    Who will represent each confrence in this years superbowl ? AFC - Jacsonville NFC - Dallas.......... Go COWBOYS!!!! :w
  4. Sports Forum
    Wondering who folks think will be AFC champions and play in the Superbowl?
1-4 of 4 Results