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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    Please don't Flame me too bad, but I was curious about the Pop-Up Advertisement that I have been getting hammered with on the forum lately. While I know and understand that the ads would generate income that would keep the site going (though I'm unsure about the expenses of running a site), I...
  2. General Pipe Forum
    If you're interested in pipe and pipe tobacco history, check out this podcast: The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio It has old radio and TV shows and the Martin Kane TV show was sponsored by Model tobacco and the ads are shown with the program. Not to mention Kane smoking a pipe throughout...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    Please stop the ads until I can at least login. I can't even get my password typed in correctly without one of the 7 ads popping up and taking control of the active window.
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Waiting for Waiting for Waiting for This is what gets displayed non-stop when trying to do ANYTHING on this forum. I can't leave a PM to someone in a post because it says Waiting for, I can't reply directly to someone in that...
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    First, let me say I understand why the ads are needed. They allow us to continue to be members here for free. I'm not here to say that all ads are bad or to say the site needs to eliminate them. On to my point... Lately, several of the banner ads I've seen are nasty little buggers. They...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    Are ADS necessary? YES they are. We do NOT charge members any type of fees or dues. We have fixed hard costs associated with running and maintaining Puff. We have hosting costs, hardware costs, employees, writers, all of which get paid. We pay for all of these things by showing advertising...
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    Is this new, or have I just had my volume down all this time?? Pretty startling if your not ready for it.
  8. General Pipe Forum
    More here Search Vintage Ad Browser
  9. General Pipe Forum
    Thought some of you may enjoy this...I found the best collection of vintage ads online here: Search Vintage Ad Browser Thirteen pages well displayed - have fun. If anyone knows of other links post them!
  10. Site Help and Suggestions
    Now there are video ads that pop up on every page of the review site blocking some of the content.
  11. Guns and Knives
    It just struck me as funny that they are about quitting smoking and asthma treatments.:rotfl:
  12. ads

    Site Help and Suggestions
    I'm getting this ad every time I try to access any page here (user controls, today's posts, any sub-forum page etc.). I can't proceed without clicking "skip". Is this something new or an anomaly?
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    For the last two years or so, in the nyc and surrounding areas, there have been a ton of radio ads for punch cigars. One of the front men has been lawrence taylor the hall of famer giant linebacker. Lately, I have been hearing a lot of ads for macanudos as well. Do you...
  14. Habanos Discussion
    I notice that once in a while I see a banner ad run in my gmail for cigars. is one that I happen to see today. I believe ads are filtered based on IP of gmail account. When viewing Gmail in a foreign country (not USA), do Habanos dealers come up on the banner ads?
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    when I click on some of the banner ads all they do is just turn into mini windows with scroll bars and everything they don't redirect me to anywhere. So far I do know that tinderbox does not do this but the other ones do.
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    Here are a few ads our grandfathers saw. Hope you guys like this stuff.
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    Just a couple of real winners on CI. Read the descriptions.
  18. Jokes Forum
    Found these while surfing youtube last night. First, my favorite of the bunch - Roi Tan cigars man to man :D I been humming this all day LoL! Next, and this one is great, a ciggy ad revolving around doctors! Finally one of my favorite cartoons as a child promoting ciggies:
  19. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm wondering why there are several ads on here that advertise Cubans,,,we all know they are illegal and I have been reading the posts from the staff about how we're supposed to refrain from "pitching" these cigars,,,how to find them,,,where to look,,how to circumvent the mail system and...
  20. Site Help and Suggestions
    The banner ads seem to be down, which is causing pages to continue loading much longer than usual. Not a huge issue, but one I thought I should bring up.
1-20 of 38 Results