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  1. Cigar Bombs
    We have three targets and are looking for 15 bombers...we will send a 5 stick minimum per bomb and 5 bombers per victim. 1. Primetime76 2. Djangos 3. KCJason 4. KTBlunden 5. Rock31 ---------- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ---------- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Bomb has been readied. Awaiting orders from HQ (Monday) before launching deadly projectile.
  3. General Pipe Forum
    My grandfather recently passed and as we were cleaning out his house, I came across a bunch of his old pipes. I remember sitting in his chair with him while he smoked his pipe and loved the smell. I can think of no better way to carry on his memory than to put these pipes back in commision. A...
  4. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Good Day folks, Glad to be a part of this forum as Ive picked up great information as I commence my quest to maintain my own batch of cigars in my humidor. Look forward to chatting with yall
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Thought this would be fun for my first true bombing run!!!!!!! DC **** **** **** **** **** ** LOOK OUT
  6. Habanos Discussion
    Cohiba Grand Reserva over the weekend as well as a few other fine sticks in the sampler below.
  7. Cigar Bombs
    After months of due diligence, target has been selected for total destruction. Secretary of defense has stated this person is a high valued target on the west coast and should be eliminated at all costs. Detonation of bomb shall be expected within a few days.....anyone living on the west coast...
  8. Cigar Bombs
    Launch sequence initiated.
  9. General Pipe Forum
    Well Mr. MattBrooklyn..:target: Seems like we have alot in common brother. You moved from an area where I currently reside. I moved from an area where you currently reside. I read some of your previous posts.. and all I can say is... I am glad we got paired up for the blind taste party...
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    Now that I'm back home (instead of traveling every week for my work like the last few years of my life) I'm starting to buy & keep cigars in my humidor longer again instead of just buying a few each week because I prefer to smoke a cigar that I've kept and aged for at least 6 months instead of...
  11. Cigar Bombs
    There should be some massive destruction to the middle of the country in the Texas region and a well timed aftershock on the west coast any day now. Beware the fallout, if the winds shift we're all in trouble. The east coast should be safe.... for now. Till then, this might not be a bad idea
  12. Cigar Bombs
    Intel is sound...................... Targets acquired.................. Painted.............................. and Locked on.......................... Holy :censored:
  13. Cigar Bombs
    I now have some boxes to start making stuff with..a fellow BOTL here locally hooked me up... My wife took our darn camera with her outta town so i cant take pics tonight but will try and get a camera tomorrow to show the progress.. 29 should be ready for liftoff by tomorrow morning!!!
  14. Cigar Bombs
    Target acquired. Everybody duck for cover.
  15. Cigar Bombs
    Targets have been selected, coordinates have been acquired.... shells are being filled? I've been fortunate here to win a few contests, receive a bomb, herf with overly generous gorillas... time to payback the jungle. PS - Yeah, those are chemical shells ;)
  16. Cigar Bombs
    Launch in T-minus... 3... 2... 1...
1-20 of 34 Results