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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Hi, I get the email updates with links to new posts. And occacionally there is a link to the habano cigar forum. However, I'm restricted from entering. Is it a VIP section? or does one need to register and pay? How to get access? Regards Reza
  2. Habanos Discussion
    I just got access to the Habanos Discussion, you guys and gals don't even know how excited I am. If you need me I'll be buried under multiple windows on my lap top, reading all of the old threads. I had just gotten my heels dug into the slippery slope; I fear that soon I will be tumbling down...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    Gives me a message that I am not logged in or that I don't have permission. Can somebody please fix this problem for me. Thanks
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    I use an Access database to track my humidor inventory and record my thoughts about the cigars I smoke. It's worked pretty well for me and I thought I'd see if anyone else would be interested in using it. It's not perfect and I don't claim to be a database programmer, but it's working reliably...
  5. Tech Corner
    I'm curious if any forum members design databases in Microsoft Access? I have no formal training in programing but my position at work has me managing data and projects that require a lot of interaction between IT and end-users. Consequently I've ended up teaching myself a lot about database...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    Question for the mod's and old heads.... I joined this site Nov. 2009, I frequent it a lot more now, than i've ever done, i've posted reviews, been the recipient of a kind gesture, etc, etc, etc, but when I go to post a comment in the WTS section, or even view the Habanos section i get a...
  7. General Discussion
    I was looking over the rules and it says 25 posts until you can go into the classifieds. I have way more then that, but can't access it at all??? Anyone help me out? I PM'd a site Admin, but got nothing back about it Thanks in advance!!! Scott
  8. General Discussion
    Hello all, I have created a database in access that allows you to enter data from when you send packages out. You can enter the address of the person and it will store that for you. I created a second table that allows you to enter when you received a package from somone and you can put what...
  9. Site Help and Suggestions
    When clicking on a gorillas screen name (above his avatar) in a thread and then clicking on "view other posts" I was sent into a loop of: "This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between searches. Please try again in 30 seconds."
  10. Site Help and Suggestions
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    Not looking for a handout here - just wondering if there will be any way for Cigar Live folks to purchase some Nubs ahead of the April release. Seeing a lot of good talk about them and I would love to review some on our podcast close to if not before the release date.
  12. General Discussion
    My home computer got fried in Chicago's storms last night. It will likely not be fixed for a week, so my access to CS will be limited to break times at work on work days. I'll miss y'all, but got little choice in the matter...Murphy's Law. I may take a couple days to respond to PMs, so bear...
  13. General Discussion
    I get sick of my wife saying, "engineers so cool" but sometimes she is really right. In the next month or so a $200 sub-notebook/ultraportable running Linux on a flash based hard drive will hit the market. The lil' bugger will also have integrated sound, microphone, wireless network, and even...
  14. General Discussion
    I have a quick question... How do you access the table wizard? Did they take it out of the 2007 edition? You used to be able to find it just fine on the 2003 version. Thanks for the help! :ss
  15. Habanos Discussion
    As topic says I notice now I have access to the Habanos threads..This is awesome, of course. And, I understand why I didnt before. But, I was wondering what requirement I met to unlock it now?? Thanks.:ss
  16. Habanos Discussion
    You are about to enter one of the forums dedicated to Cuban Cigars. We ask you to accept this Cuban Cigar User Agreement upon entering the Cuban cigar related forums. While Cuban cigars are not illegal everywhere, they are in the United States. For that reason we do not allow the discussion of...
  17. About Buying, Selling, and Trading - Please read!
    The following guidelines are in place for the Trading Forums. These are the guidelines you accept by viewing and posting in these forums. Ignorance of these guidelines will unfortunately not be an excuse. :) ------------------------------------- These forums exist so our members can trade...
  18. General Discussion
    That is going to suck!!! One hotel (next week) has access via available PC's but it will be limited to the evenings for a short while, as people pile up to use the same PC. Then.......then.......that is really going to suck as will be two weeks in a hotel with no PC access to CS, as can't use...
  19. General Discussion
    Got some questions I need to bounce of ya! :)
1-19 of 24 Results