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  1. Everywhere Else
    Last chance of the year to have a night of cigars and low stake poker under the stars. Saturday 9/27 at 7:30-? in Hoffman Estates Strangers and strange people are welcome. Cigar smoking and/or Poker playing are encouraged but both are optional. PM me for details.
  2. General Discussion
    This Saturday September 27th take a break in your hectic schedule and hit the outdoors! And if your already an avid outdoors person why not volunteer to take someone along with you this weekend to share the experience!! Many happy experiences this weekend!!
  3. Everywhere Else
    OK gang, it has been a while. Time to make some noise again. We have some new members on CS from South Florida. We have some existing CS members recently relocated to South Florida. We have the regular nuts (self included). 9/27 Tobacco World Let's party like we know...
  4. Illinois
    Hey guys... I'm having a get together for my birthday coming up at the end of this month. It will be at Smoker's Choice, the only real cigar lounge in Bloomington, located at 1212 N. Towanda. It's byob, and the lounge has a couple of leather couches, some tables and chairs, and a card table...
  5. Everywhere Else Has anybody been to one of these or is planning to attend this year? I'm debating whether it's worth the drive there and back but the fact that it's only $70 is swaying me toward going if I can get away that weekend.
  6. Everywhere Else
    Our end of month herf is bacn at Tobacco Gallery in downtown Dallas (corner of Elm and Record). We'll start around 5pm. We had hoped to have the new La Aurora 1495s but I missed the shipping date by a couple of they won't go out til the end of the month...we'll get em next time...
1-6 of 6 Results