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  1. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Looking for 8oz sealed tins of Anniversary Kake. I have up to 9 tins of AJ's for trade. I'm getting a little obsessed with anni kake...
  2. General Pipe Forum
    I received an 8oz bag of Penzance today in the mail but there is a slight problem. The bag has a small cut near the top and I can smell the tobacco through it. The seal has been compromised in other words. Do you have any suggestions on storing this in its bag because I wasn't going to open it...
  3. General Pipe Forum
    and my oh my this is some tasty chit
  4. General Pipe Forum
    Here. Edit: great, I spelled Penzance wrong.
  5. General Pipe Forum
    Got my smokingpipes order tonight, but it was missing one big tin. I've of course sent them a polite email, and I have confidence in their customer service. So we'll see how this goes. Either this thread will become one in which I laud their customer service or, of course, damn them to hell...
  6. Coffee Discussion
    My beans showed up today, gonna roast for the first time when I get home! My scale doesn't arrive for a week or so, and I would like to start with 8oz of beans. Wondering how else I can measure it out... Will I be fine "shaking" my metal strainer to cool the beans? I found a cool little fan...
  7. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    I need to condense my cigars for my impending move so I'm going to a cooler for boxes and one desktop for singles setup. I have a bubinga 500ct Vicksburg humidor that I'm letting go. I bought this humi from a BOTL on Clubstogie after they were discontinued. This was one of the best humi's you...
  8. Pipe Related Reviews
    A lot of folks like Penzance, including me and Ev's. With a large market watching, EvanS and I decided to compare some "bulk" Penzance with Pe'z from a tin. In a coast-to-coast flavor/cost showdown we split an 8-ouncer so we'd each be smoking from the same package. The tobak is in the mail...
1-8 of 8 Results