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  1. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Been gone for a while, but I'm back! :D So, I recently tried switching from Boveda packets, which have always kept my humidor at around 67% to Drymistat tubes, because they just look cleaner, and I'm getting a glass-lid humi in a few days. Well, I took out the Boveda packets and put two...
  2. Cigar Accessory Questions
    I have had the humidor for about a month, I seasoned it and it was maintaining 70% for the first 3 weeks. Now it is hovering at 62% - 63%. Humidor details: -150ct glass top -using distilled water with the humidifier that came with the humidor -about 70 cigars in it Any help would be...
  3. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Kind of a newb q i know. But my 65% beads will only keep my humi at 63%, no more no less. Will my cigars be ok at this %?
  4. Cigar Accessory Questions
    I'm using 65% RH beads and have a solid half pound in my Vicksburg. It's been holding steady at 65% (calibrated hygro) for a long time but yesterday it dropped to 64%. I thought, ok, no big deal, time to add some distilled water to the beads. Well, I acidentally made them sopping wet but now the...
1-4 of 4 Results