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  1. General Discussion
    400 for the 'Cane'ster. I'm pleased to knock you into the 4th century. Your Chili Pepper auction was all about the best spirit and traditions of CS and better gorillas everywhere. Congrats and thanks.
  2. General Discussion
    Congrads Steve:bl:bl:bl PS: Thxs4being apart of my pass:tu
  3. General Discussion
    Congrats Kenny. scottie
  4. General Discussion
    Yes Rploaded - young Ryan - has flown his way past 400 thanks to a bump by Hollywood!! Well done Ryan - you can do lots of wooting today!! ( I said "wooting"!! hahaha) I am sure you can find something special out of your meager selection of cigars to celebrate this milestone!! Congratulations...
  5. General Discussion
    Andy Cigar_040, Hits a new milstone!!!! Woot Woot. Smoke a Beehike man!!!! Glad to have you with us here at CS this is well deserved!!!
  6. General Discussion
    Congrats Michelle; very deserving. I'm going to send 400 Wallabies over to your house in celebration. It's great to have you around the jungle!
  7. General Discussion
    Congrats to one of the most selfless gorillas in the jungle! Cheers Scottie....
  8. General Discussion
    PuffDaddy has just joined the 400 RG club. Congrats man. Nice job you do out here.
  9. General Discussion
    Nice job Lumpold !!! Congrats on 400RG. Job well done.
  10. General Discussion
    I think I just bumped him to his 400 + RG !!! Well deserved for all he does out here. :cool:
  11. General Discussion
    :mn :mn :mn :mn Congrats backwoods! Keep those funny Photochops up!
1-12 of 12 Results