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  1. General Discussion
    9 days, 48 posts, and 200+RG ... I think that's got to be a record or something. Word around the Jungle is you're a great guy ... and you've made some nice contributions already. Congrats on the RG and I look forward to herfing with you in one week!!! :tu :bl
  2. General Discussion
    one of the best Avatars here at CS:tu :bl Congrats to 200RG mate!:bl
  3. General Discussion
    Congrats AladdinSane on the RG!!! :bl :bl :bl
  4. General Discussion
    Not only a great BOTL, but an extremely helpful one! Way to go bro - very deserving!
  5. General Discussion
    Frank has gone above and beyond in helping out newbies and sending sticks to the troops and his RG reached the 200 plateau today. He is a VERY deserving gorilla and a credit to the CS family. Let's all congratulate Frank on all he does for CS. scottie
  6. General Discussion
    Dear sweet Brad has gone over the 200rg barrier!! Congrats to you Brad - you are one of the good guys here!! I sure your next 200 will come with haste!!
  7. General Discussion
    ...Txdyna65 A gorilla I don't really know, but all the same... Merry Christmas and congrats! Yep...wrong forum.....I'm still a noobie
  8. General Discussion
    Congrats on 200 RG ! Job well done.
  9. General Discussion
    Congrats goes out to Tony. For all the work he does in the NST and the atom bombs he is well deserved! Tony, you are one hell-uv-a BOTL. Thanks for being part of clubstogie:w
  10. General Discussion
    Hey Guys, This is a thank you to everyone that makes this such a great place for me. I'm not one to be sentimental or make a deal out of these sort of things - but hitting the 200 RG means something to me and I want to say say thank you to all of the gorillas in the jungle that have reached...
  11. General Discussion
    Let me be the first to say Congrats and thank you for your well respected and knowledgeable addition to the Jungle. Beers are on you. :D Cheers!! Steve
  12. General Discussion
    Matt just reached 200, shortly behind Mo. (I seem to remember this was much the same at the 100 milestone....) Congrats!!!
1-12 of 12 Results