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  1. Cigar Questions
    i have just been given a box of these from a Cuban freind, what is the value, box is still sealed and was kept correctly till 3 weeks ago when i received them, they are ltd edition.
  2. General Discussion
    In response to the "September 11th Commitment" thread, I wanted to start this thread for you to share your story of where you were on 9/11/01. Or, maybe 9/11 reminds you of something painful in your life, maybe the loss of a loved one that tragic day...or, maybe for a little "pick me up", you...
  3. Habanos Reviews
    A corona gorda with an ugly chocolate brown wrapper. I don’t know why all my pre 04 ELs have ugly wrappers, but so be it. Pre light draw requires a little effort. Not plugged, but well filled. Upon lighting a bit of magic. One of the best first draw flavors in the world. Strong traditional...
  4. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Length: 6 Ring Gauge: 60 Wrapper : Corojo Filler : Nicaraguan Binder : Nicaraguan Drink: Orange Juice and Blue Curacao On the advice of Sandz and Dave, I decide to try the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 2001 tonight. I got this in bomb from Kevin (ktblunden). The feel and construction of this...
  5. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    First, this cigar is good, but it gets better with age. The one I just smoked has an extra 5 months in the box, and it makes a difference. The co... Read the full review here: Don Pepin Cuban Classic Toro Gordo 2001 Cigar Review - Another Pepin work of art
  6. Habanos Reviews
    Wow first time i ever spent 3 hrs with a cigar! But then again its not everyday you get to sample a very hard if not impossible to find Cigar. Once again many thanks to Bob for making this happen! Okay in the words of the immortal Jackie Gleason "And away we go!" Very well constructed cigar...
  7. Non-Habanos Reviews
    This is my first Padron that's been aged longer than 3 years. It's still amusing to me how they lose their "box press" over time. Without further ado, on with the review! On lighting, I already get hints of chocolate and cedar. None of the Maduro punch is present anymore. This has...
  8. Cars and Motorcycles
    Hey fella's, here is my s2000. I had a turbocharged RSX, but decided it was time to move towards a rear wheel drive car. I am enjoying it very, very much! Keeping it clean keeps me entertained until I can have it completely paid off to invest in some more modifications. Let me know what ya...
  9. Habanos Reviews
    Okay guys, my camera is still at my buddy's house, but i just wanted to do a quick review on this stick. I bought a box for 84 dollars a few months back, and I'll tell ya, I thought I was getting a great deal, but turns out there's a reason why they were so cheap. I would venture a guess that...
  10. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I am smoking from a box marked ECA MAR 02. This is a beautiful cigar with a cuban maduro wrapper, no veins to speak of. Constructi... Read the full review here: Cohiba (Cuba) Edicion Limitada 2001 Piramides Cigar Review - Chocolate excellence
  11. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This the last one of at least five I have smoked over the past few months and the experience has always been similar. They look very nice, they... Read the full review here: Partagas (Cuba) Edicion Limitada 2001 Serie D No. 3 Cigar Review - I do not love them
  12. General Discussion
    WooT this is my 2001'st Post.....:hurt:
  13. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    i actually bought 2 of these in 2001 they are the most gorgeous ASH trays, i still havnt used them. i will very soon. bg gear company has a pic, look hard u will find it
  14. Habanos Discussion
    PEL ARTAI PEI ENE 02 . These cigars have been released 2001, but box code says that it is 2002. Is it ok? How about these cigars? Anyone smoked them?
  15. General Discussion
    Check out this link it'll bring up 2001 results instead of current, searching iPod is kinda funny it's fun to see how things have changed though, check out Club Stogie v.2001
  16. Habanos Reviews
    This cigar was gifted to me a while back by my dad and I decided to smoke it tonight as I just finished my summer finals today. What a great smoke. Right off the bat I was welcomed with coffee and cocoa notes. Underlying all of this was just the right amount of spice. The coffee gave way to...
  17. Habanos Discussion
    I have decided that this will be my next purchase. I have the option of a box from either 1999 or 2001. Which one do you think I should go for?
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    So I was at Kenny the King's on Saturday with Alanf and Mitro, and I noticed that Kenny had some of the new size of the Pepin Black, the 2001 which is 6 by 60. I picked up a couple and decided to smoke one of these for my first cigar of the day. I must say that the Larger Ring was not a good...
  19. General Discussion
    September 11 TV Archive (Free Streaming Video of TV Sources on 9/ it happened).
  20. Non-Habanos Reviews
    This double perfecto from Panama looks fantastic, a dark oily wrapper and it’s strange shape with 2 closed ends. You light the fire-end without cutting it. That makes the draw hard to start with, but as soon as the cigar burst open at the fire end the draw is getting much better. The...
1-20 of 65 Results