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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    I noticed a few boxes of partagas 160's in my local B+M and had a couple questions. Does anyone know when these were produced? i read a couple reviews on them and they all seem to be from around 2006 is this when they were released? Also has anyone smoked one of these? the reviews seem to be...
  2. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    I have 17 partagas 160 Major Robusto remaining. I think these are still going 20+ a stick? How does 13 a stick sound and free shipping? Have been stored properly in my cabinet humi at 65% and 65 degrees (aging humidor). PM me with your email and Ill get them out to you asap. pay pal for payment.
  3. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    I have a box of Partagas 160, 20 left that I wish to unload. I would like to trade or sell these, as far as price I really dont care just dont low ball me too hard haha. shoot me an email at ************ at for more info Thanks Christian
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Additional Cigar Reviews - Reviews of the Macanudo Vintage 1997 Demi and the Partagas 160 Robusto Minor Are you ready for some more reviews? I hope so, because today we are taking a look at the small, but fun Macanudo Vintage 1997 Demi and the rare ... Read the full article here: Additional...
  5. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Hey, if any person would be interested in trading for some partagas 160's pm me. I want to get some ......Padron 64 maduro padron 26....opus x , ashton vsg...........and others.. what do you have? I have several robusto major and several robusto minor
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    So I was flipping through my new CI catalogue last night and I see the Partagas 160. I've never heard of this particular smoke before and a box of robustos was like $460, pretty heady. I've never heard anyone mention these before and just wondered how they might stack up against other...
  7. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    For sale for US residents only. Money order only, unless I have dealt with you before. 2x Partagas 160 Robusto Major 1 Partagas 160 Robusto 1 Partagas 160 Robusto Minor 1 Paul Garmirian Reserva Exclusiva robusto $85 shipped. Extras always included. :tu
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    The 64 NC Cigar Tournament Starts Here! Basic Rules: 1. Voting for the "better" cigar of the two, why is up to you, list your reasons, smoke one or both, post up a short review maybe. The only condition is that its not based on how much the cigar costs. 2. I decided that any cigar that has...
  9. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    recently purchased at a great price, so i'm passing that along and selling them for less than I paid. $200 including shipping.
  10. Non-Habanos Reviews
    I loved the 150's, but never tried these due to their price. Well my favorite B&M had a sale, and these were 40% off, so I took the plunge. Very disappointed. They start off really mild and bland. The second third picked up a little and became a medium bodied smoke with coffee and toast...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    I had to run to the Dallas area today so I decided to stop in at a B&M that's on the way. I've never had much luck with this place, but one never knows what treasures await. The place was either picked over from the holidays, or just had not restocked in weeks. As I was headed out, I spotted...
  12. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Partagas Signature Series 160 Robusto Minor 4.5x48 Filler – Dom & Mex, Binder – Mex, Wrapper - Cameroon This cigar cost $21 at Peretti’s, an old-style tobacconist in downtown Boston. The packaging was opulent, with large cedar chests and boxes covered in multicolored labels. The attractive...
  13. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    NC's of course..5er of Robustos..$105 shipped..Well under MSRP..I also have some 150's..If you interested in those pm me and I'll dig them out. Money order only please..I'll take a Check if we've done business before..Thanks for looking..
  14. Habanos Reviews
    This is the Gran Piramides size from the Partagas 160th Humidor. The presentation is beautiful, and the artistry / carving in the humidor is very classy. In my personal opinion, these will be as good as the P150s in another 10 or 15 years...but I just couldn't wait that long to smoke another...
  15. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Intact, open for inspection, box of Partagas 160 cifuentes especial. This is the 10 count box, each in coffins.
  16. Non-Habanos Reviews
    I received some Partagas 150 and 160s from a friend in Missouri. I lit the 160 up after work today. The overall appearance was average to sub par. Due to the very old wrapper (30+ years now) it became brittle and very fragile. I didn't notice any smell when I put the foot of the cigar to my...
  17. Habanos Reviews
    Was fortunate to split a humi of these a while back so I have some to smoke. Have these (Big Pyramid) and the Dobles (long robusto) in a Lincoln Memorial Humi. Got a bunch of the 155 109's in today and after careful packing got them into the humi. Well all but 2. :D Smoked them (Sam and I)...
  18. Cigar Pictures
    Considering my birthday night tonight, I think I'm going to light up one of the Partagas 160s I picked up the other week. Considering it is still far too hot to enjoy one out of doors, it will have to wait until the sun goes down. I'll let you know how it goes and give my review of it later on...
  19. Habanos Reviews
    Have had these for a while. Previously had smoked "some singles" and was curious if they differed from ones proven to be from an actual 160 humi. 50x155 Been smoking it for about an hour now. Needs mucho more time but man what a cigar. Cogeners galore... :D or whatever you taste that makes...
  20. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Yesterday we had a little cigar orgy at Leesburg Cigar and Pipe with over 10 BOTL from CS and a goodish number of other cigar smokers. I smoked four cigars, a Cohiba (Dominican), a La Aurora Prefidios Robusto, a Camacho Corojo Diploma Maduro and a LCP Torpedo Maduro. In a buying spree that saw...
1-20 of 28 Results