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  1. Cigar Accessory Questions
    I'm curious if anyone has interest in this or does anyone have it? What kind of feedback would you give on this product? The Monolith 1200c Series eHumidor is the ideal cigar environment system which regulates temperature and humidity at the touch of a button. The Monolith 1200c is an E.R.C.E...
  2. General Discussion
    Shilala scores 1200 projects, er, I mean RG! 'Grats on the RG. Well deserved my friend. You are definitely causing a stir here on CS. Keep it goin!:bl:bl
  3. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    The time has come to part with my cabinet. This is an Avallo 1200 Deluxe with 2 extra cannisters. It has NO glass on it and is a dark cherry wood (pics on request). It has absoultely NO scratches on it. I paid $1200 for it 18 months ago and will sacrifice it for $800. I would like to sell it...
  4. Cigar Accessory Reviews
    I just sat down to configure my Pelican 1200 case yesterday. It is not quite complete. I want to order a cigar tray from one of our vendors to top it off. So just imagine that on top instead of the spiky foam. It took me some time to figure out how I wanted to set it up. It carries three pipes...
  5. General Discussion
    Congrats, my friend. You deserve the RG! :tu
  6. General Discussion
    Am always envious of your breakfasts you describe on skype Pete. Congrats on the RG :)
  7. General Discussion
    Congrats on the RG!! You deserve so much more just for what you do for the troops....and then triple that for being a heck of a nice guy!!:D I hope we get to herf together one day!! :ss
  8. General Discussion
    Congrats Justin on hitting 1200. Well done! :chk
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    I was in a head shop at the Outer Banks that had advertised cigars so I had to check it out....They had a buncha trash smokes...the only one I would have even considered smoking was a Fuente Curlyhead but the damn thing was 12.00 bucks. I don't normally smoke these but I know they can be had...
  10. General Discussion
    Zach! Congrats on the shiny new RG bro and belated happy birthday! It is an honor to have you around the jungle; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Cheers!
  11. General Discussion
    Congrats on hitting 1200 Patrick, you deserve it brother :tu :bl
  12. General Discussion
    Congrats, backwoods. See you in September, brother A!
  13. General Discussion
    I was lucky enough to push our resident detective DETROITPHA357 over the 1200 RG mark. WTG Booker!! See you in Chi town!!!!:bl :bl :tu :tu :bl
  14. General Discussion
    RG!!! Drifty Gypsy that is :ss Congrats my brother! P.S. this post is for Bigwaved because hes home doing chores...:D
  15. General Discussion
    Congrats Alan on this new rg!:bl Wish you were coming to Chicago so I could give you some more soap!! Haven't seen you much on skype either by the way??????
  16. General Discussion
    JPH is part of the 1200 RG club!!!!!! :bl :bl :bl (Well, this is sorta true, I could only get him to 1199, but I'm sure there is a wonderful gorilla here that would be happy to push Jeremy over the ledge) WTG Preston! :tu
  17. General Discussion
    I see where you were at 1,200, Cliff. Good for you!
  18. General Discussion
    Or even more to make a good Herf! But the real news is, Michelle flew past the 1200 RG Milestone tonight! Michelle, I'm glad you're in the Jungle, and happy you are going to make Chicago and the MegaMoB Herf part of your tour of the States! It will be great to meet you!! And of course, you...
  19. General Discussion
    Congrats Julian. Looking forward to hanging out with you once again in May.
  20. General Discussion
    Congrats on 1200 RG Scottie, CS wouldnt be the same without ya. :ss
1-20 of 34 Results