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  1. Everywhere Else
    When: Tuesday, 11/15 Time: 4pm until they throw us out, so until Thursday, late Where: The cigar bar at the Shilo Inn Why: The Pict will be here! That's right, SoCal Chip will be in town! Details: Some may recall that last Thanksgiving time, we herf'd with Chip, The Pict, and his brother...
  2. Everywhere Else
    There's a herf at Kenny the King of Tobacco in Lakemoor on Saturday from noonish to whenever. If you haven't visited Kenny's, he's got an amazing humidor and great lounge with a 60 plasma. There should be about 12+ people there and we're always looking to add a few more. There's also a Hoya...
  3. Everywhere Else
    Ybor Cigar Heritage Festival. Let's meet up!!!!
  4. General Discussion
    A buddy of mine is putting together a small charter for Saturday, November 15th. Leave San Pedro, California @ around 4pm - head to Catalina Island to do 3 night dives searching for lobster. Be back in Pedro around 1am. Any interest? Cost should be about $180, includes air, food &...
  5. Everywhere Else
    This is a typical BABOTL herf with a twist. This is a micro brew/craft brew herf at Casa Mean D. It will start at 5 on 11/15 at my place. We will have snacks and order some pizza, so bring $$$. Here is the catch, everyone who comes should bring a 6 pack of a micro brew/craft brew, so no...
1-5 of 5 Results