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  1. Cigar Contests
    Well apparently I'm a post whore because this is my 5000th post (how the hell did this happen???). And you can't post 5,000 times and not give something away so this is totally, completely on the fly (I really didn't think about this because it came up too quick). So I'm going to plagiarize...
  2. Cigar Contests
    Heya folks! I'd like to host a contest for my upcoming, wildly fantastic 2,000th post (yeah, um...)! What I'd like is one entry per day of your favorite viral video. Whoever posts the video that makes me laugh the hardest will win a care package from me! Again, one entry per day. I'll keep...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    Detailed Results: Delivered, May 20, 2011, 4:39 pm, NEW CASTLE, DE 19720Out for Delivery, May 20, 2011, 7:49 am, NEW CASTLE, DE 19720Sorting Complete, May 20, 2011, 7:39 am, NEW CASTLE, DE 19720Arrival at Post Office, May 20, 2011, 4:47 am, NEW CASTLE, DE 19720Processed through Sort Facility...
  4. General Discussion
    It's taken me a lot longer than most of you guys, but that's just the way I am, I listen more than I talk. What did Yogi Berra say? ..... "You can observe a lot just by watching".... Well, I learn a lot just by listening/reading. Anyway, I want to thank you all for the astonishing amount of...
  5. General Discussion
    Wow, has it been a thousand already? I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for letting me be a part of this great community. I have learned all I know about cigars from you guys. More importantly though you guys have taught me how to be a better BOTL. With that said, in honor of my...
  6. Cigar Forums Banter
    :bl Congratulations Dan!! :bl Thanks for helping make CS what it is.
  7. General Discussion
    And scored each time with some RG. WTG Gerry:tu
  8. Cigar Contests
    Here's to my 1000th: Name the 4 of the 6 bourbons I currently have in my liquor cabinet Rules: 1 guess per day If no winner by Monday 3/24, most correct will win Post on this thread Must be in US or Canada Prize: a fiver of sticks from my humi
  9. Cigar Contests
    Okay, I already passed it, but that means it's time for a contest. You'll have to wait for the payoff, but I'll make it worth it. Contest: Guess the Houston Astros opening day starting lineup (including pitcher) Rules: 1. List the Astros lineup in batting order (1-9) 2...
  10. General Pipe Forum
    RULES: 1 ENTRY ONLY - cutoff time to enter is seconds before opening kickoff (6:15pm ET). ONLY PIPE FORUM MEMBERS (it's a pipe related prize, duh). If you're active in the pipe forums by taking part in ANY of the Tonights Smoke, MAW, PIF, Lottery, Reviews, then you are eligible. Predict...
  11. General Discussion
    Worship me Noobs!!!!!!!!:ss MCS No dancing chickens were harmed in this post.
  12. Cigar Contests
    So if my math is correct the next post I make will be number 1,000. Why not take a shot at winning a prize. Simple rules: Guess the day & time (PST-Zone) I will make my 1,000th post. The post will be be made sometime in the next 7 days and the prize will be a Padron 1926 40th Anniversary Maduro...
  13. Cigar Contests
    In honor of my 1,000th Post. I have decided to have a contest. What you see below is a Photo of my two cars, taken this winter. I have photoshopped the pciture to disquise their identity. The winner of this contest is the Member(s) to correctly identitfy my vehicle(s). The correct answer will...
  14. Cigar Bombs
    Well, thanks to everyone here. I have been able to learn a lot about cigars and pipes on this site. I have also had the chance to meet several of the people from this site, and will look forward to meeting a few more in the neer future!!! What is the best way to celebrate your 1,00th post...
  15. General Discussion
    okay, so i'm the blabberfingers who broke the 3,000 post barrier first. i think a total of 5 posts have been worth a spit/helpful, so don't bother yourself with going back and trying to find the sumb|tches either. ----------------------------------------------------------------- PICK A NUMBER...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    If anyone remembers a band called Poco, they had a member that was with a one album band that came out of the Chicago area around 1968. The band broke up after their newly aquired manager discovered them and made them fire their bass player during the recording of the album. I always thought it...
  17. General Discussion
    Well, it has been a fun ride! Thanks to all my fellow gorillas for making this board the absolute best and for giving me great information, laughs, good recommendations, cigars, friendship, and camaraderie! Now I'm off on my way to 2,000! :D :z
  18. General Discussion
    Here come da nanners! I pity you poor fools the next 1,000 :tg
  19. Habanos Discussion
    ppl - somehow i've managed to post a whole lotta nuthin in the amount of 1,000 posts (this one is evidence of that). what should i do now?
  20. General Discussion
    I can't believe it. I finally feel like a real Gorilla. Enough with the bananas. Time for a celebratory cigar. Fellow apes, guys & gals, It's been great to be on CS. Sure I've posted some silly stuff, funny stuff, outrageous stuff, and sometimes insightful and educational stuff. But most of...
1-20 of 20 Results