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Exclamation Pipe websites

{from mmblz who started the thread}
Thought we could use a thread about pipe, pipe-tobacco, etc websites.

{from jgros001's hard work consolidating all of the links}
Ok, I got tired of searching through this thread looking for links so I have consolidated the links in the thread and added a bunch that I had. I organized by category instead of username since I think it is easier to find things that way. Hope you all find this helpful. p

(you will find two retailers without links and google will get you there)

Pipe Websites


4Noggins: http://www.4noggins.com/
Affordable Pipes: http://www.affordablepipes.com/
Al Pascia: http://www.alpascia.com/sitealpascia...langcurr=2.3.1
Altinok Pipes: http://altinokpipe.com/default.asp
Bisgaard Pipes: http://www.aab-taxfreepipes.com/defa...=false&lang=uk
Boswell Pipes & Tobacco: http://www.boswellpipes.com/
Briar Blues: http://www.briarblues.com/index1.htm
The Briar Gallery: http://home.comcast.net/~briargallery/
Briar Patch: http://www.briarpatch.biz/index.html
The Briary: http://www.thebriary.com/
Cornell and Diehl: http://www.cornellanddiehl.com/
Croft’s Pipe Shoppe: http://www.croftspipes.com/home.htm
Cup o’ Joes: http://www.cupojoes.com/
Davidoff, NYC: http://www.davidoffmadison.com/
Dino Puffin: http://www.dinopuffin.it/
eBriar: http://www.ebriar.com/
El Fumador: http://www.elfumador.com/
FF Pipes: http://www.ff-pipes.com/
Fine Briars: http://www.finebriars.com/index.html
Fine Pipes: http://www.finepipes.com/
Frenchy’s Pipes: http://www.frenchyspipes.com/index.php
The Gray Fox: http://grayfoxonline.com/index.html
Greens of Leeds
Hermit Tobacco: http://www.pipestyle.com/
The Italian Pipe: http://theitalianpipe.com/
Iwan Ries: http://www.iwanries.com/index.cfm
James Island Piper: http://www.jamesislandpiper.com/default.aspx
J.J. Fox
J.R. Cigars: http://www.jrcigars.com/index.cfm?page=pipes
Knoxville Cigar Company: http://www.knoxcigar.com/
L.J. Peretti: http://www.ljperetti.com/index.html
LePeltier Clay Pipes: http://www.lepeltier-pipes.com/
Lewis Pipe and Tobacco: http://www.lewispipe.com/index.htm
Lil’ Brown Smoke Shack: http://www.lilbrown.com/
Mars Cigars and Pipes: http://www.marscigars.com/
McCranie’s: http://www.mccranies.com/index.html
Meerschaum Store: http://www.meerschaumstore.com/
Milan Tobacconists: http://www.milantobacco.com/index.htm
Missouri Meerschaum: http://www.corncobpipe.com/
Neat Pipes: http://www.neatpipes.com/
Ostermann Pipes: http://www.pipes.at/start.html
Outwest Tobacco: http://www.outwesttobacco.com/
Payless Pipes: http://www.paylesspipes.com/
Pia Pipes: http://piapipes.com/default.asp?lang=uk
Pipe Collectors Club of America: http://www.pipeguy.net/
The Pipe Den: http://www.pipeandcigar.com/index.html
The Pipe Rack: http://www.thepiperack.com/index.cfm
The Pipe Site: http://www.thepipesite.com/
Pipe Tobacco Place: http://www.pipetobacco.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc
Pipedo: http://www.pipedo.com/index_e.shtml
Pipeworks and Wilke: http://www.vtpipes.com/briar.html
Pipes and Cigars: http://pipesandcigars.com/
Pipes and Pleasures: http://www.pipesandpleasures.com/pipes/
Pipes by George: http://www.pbgeorge.com/page3.html
Pipes High Grade: http://www.pipeshighgrade.com/TheShop/index.cfm
Pipes 2 Smoke: http://www.pipes2smoke.com/index.htm
Premier Pipes: http://www.premierpipes.com/
Puffers Pipes: http://www.pufferspipes.com/index.html
Pulvers’ Briars: http://sherlocks-haven.com/index.html
Rare Memories: http://www.rarememories.com/pipestore.htm
The Right Pipe: http://www.therightpipe.com/index.cf...tion=home.main
Scandinavian Pipes: http://www.scandpipes.com/masterframes.html
The Smoker: http://www.thesmoker.com/
Smokers’ Haven: http://www.smokershaven.com/
Smoking Pipes: http://www.smokingpipes.com/
SMS Pipes: http://www.smspipes.com/
Synjeco: http://www.synjeco.ch/pata/taba/index.htm
The Tobacco Barn: http://www.tobacco-barn.com/
Tobacco Direct: http://www.tobaccodirect.com/
The Tobacco Shop: http://www.cigarleaf.com/
Tobacco Supermarket: http://www.tobaccomkt.com/mm5/mercha...re_Code=IS0038
Uptown’s Smoke Shop: http://www.uptowns.com/
Vintage Briars: http://www.vintagebriars.com/index.html
Vintage Pipe Tobacco Shop: http://www.vintagepipetobaccoshop.com/index.php
Watch City Cigar: http://www.watchcitycigar.com/
WV Smoke Shop: http://www.wvsmokeshop.com/index.asp...S&Category=100


Chuck’s Pipe Furniture: http://www.chucksracks.com/
Lamb Cabinets and Racks: http://www.lambpipes.com/
Mr.C’s Pipe Room: http://mrcspiperoom.com/index.php
Papa Duke Tampers: http://papaduke.net/
Smokin’ Holsters: http://www.smokinholsters.com/
Tamper Works: http://www.tamperworks.com/
Tobacco Pipe Furniture by Sirot: http://mypipedreamz.com/_wsn/page2.html
Tony’s Pipe Racks: http://www.tonyspiperacks.com/index.html
Two Cousins Pipe Racks: http://www.twocousinspiperacks.com/V...PipeRacks.html

Pipe Makers/Artisans

Alexey Florov: http://www.florovpipes.com/
Atelier Rolando: http://www.atelierrolando.com/
B.A. Weaver: http://baweaverpipes.com/pipesforsale.html
BAC Art Pipes: http://www.bacartpipes.com/home.html
Bob Kiess: http://www.kiesspipes.com/
Brad Pohlmann: http://www.pohlmannpipes.com/
Brian Ruthenberg: http://www.briarart.com/
Darius Dah (GRC): http://www.grcpipes.com/
David Johnson: http://www.ozarkmountainbriars.com/
E. Andrew: http://www.eandrew.com/
Elliott Nachwalter: http://www.pipestudio.com/index.html
Georgi Todorov: http://www.getzpipes.com/index2.htm
Horace Dejarnett: http://www.dejarpipes.com/
Jaden Hew Len: http://www.hew-len-pipes.com/
J. Alan: http://www.jalanpipes.com/intro.html
J.M. Boswell: http://www.boswellpipes.com/index.htm
Jack Howell: http://jwh.fastmail.fm/index.html
Jake Hackert: http://www.pamall.net/pipes/page2.html
Jan Zeman: http://www.zemanpipes.com/pipes.php
Jody Davis: http://www.jdavispipes.com/
Joel Shapiro: http://www.jspipes.com/index.htm
Johan Slabbert: http://www.jobertpipes.co.za/index.php
John Crosby: http://www.crosbypipes.com/main.php
Julius Vesz: http://www.juliusvesz.ca/
Kent Rasmussen: http://www.kentpipes.com/
Kirk Bosi: http://www.bosipipes.com/index.html
Kurt Huhn: http://www.pipecrafter.com/
Larry Roush: http://www.roushpipes.com/
Lee Von Erck: http://www.von-erck.com/
Love Geiger: http://www.geigerpipes.com/
Manuel Shaabi: http://www.manuelshaabi.com/
Mark Gradberg (Gray Mountain): http://www.graymountainpipes.com/
Mark Tinsky: http://ssl.cybersun.com/scripts/webc...~101340587~103
Michael Parks: http://www.parkspipes.com/
Mike Brissett: http://my.execpc.com/~maddog92/Pipes2/pipes.html
Paul Tatum: http://www.tatumsworkshop.com/
Rad Davis: http://www.raddavispipes.com/
Rafael Martin: http://www.pipesmartin.com/indexe.php?id=1&lang=en
Scott Thile: http://sethilepipes.com/index.htm
Stephen Downie: http://www.downiepipes.com/home.html
Tim Fuller: http://www.tcfullerpipes.com/
Tom Eltang: http://www.eltang.com/ny/index.html
Tony Fillenwarth: http://www.fillenwarthpipes.com/
Trever Talbert: http://www.talbertpipes.com/
Tyler Lane: http://www.tylerlanepipes.com/
Will Purdy: http://www.willpurdy.com/
Wolfgang Blazejewski: http://www.puffapipe.com/index.html


Alt.smokers.pipes: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.smokers.pipes/topics
American Pipe Makers: http://americanpipemakers.info/biglist.htm
Brothers of Briar: http://www.brothersofbriar.com/
Café Press Pipe Clothing: http://www.cafepress.com/pipes2
Chris’ Pipe Pages: http://www.pipepages.com/
Comoy’s Pipe Dating: http://www.derek-green.com/comoy_history03.htm
Danish Pipe Makers: http://www.danishpipemakers.com/home.html
Dunhill Blend Chart: http://loringpage.com/pipearticles/duntob2chart.htm
The Frank (German) Packing Method: http://www.pfeifenstudio-frank.de/
GBD Pipe Dating: http://www.perardua.net/pipes/GBDlines.html
G.L. Pease: http://www.glpease.com/
Gawith Hoggarth Tobacco: http://www.gawithhoggarth.co.uk/
Guide to Pipe Shapes: http://www.pipesmokemag.com/0998/shape.htm
Irish Clay Pipes: http://www.irishcultureandcustoms.co.../ClayPipe.html
MacBaren Tobacco: http://www.mac-baren.com/TopMenu/Main-1.aspx
McClelland Tobacco Co.: http://pipeshowonline.com/McClelland.aspx
My Pipes Community: http://www.my-pipes.com/
A Passion for Pipes Blog: http://web.mac.com/neillarcherroan/A...s/Welcome.html
Peter Stokkebye: http://www.peterstokkebye.com/pipe_tob.htm
Peterson Pipes: http://www.peterson.ie/
PIMO Pipe Craft: http://www.pimopipecraft.com/
Pipendoge: http://www.pipendoge.de/A_Start_Englisch.HTM
Pipe and Tobacco Collectors Blog: http://pipecollectors.blogspot.com/
Pipe Collectors Club of America: http://www.pipeguy.com/
Pipe Links: http://www.pipelinksonline.com/index.htm
Pipe Lore: http://pipelore.net/
Pipe Makers’ Forum: http://www.pipemakersforum.com/
Pipe Show Information: http://www.pipeshowsusa.com/
Pipe Show Online: http://www.pipeshowonline.com/
Pipe Smoking Guide: http://www.pipesmokingguide.com/
Pipe Smoking Tips: http://www.vegassmokes.com/pipe-smoking-tips.htm
Pipe Tobacco Aging FAQ: http://agingfaq.nocturne.org/index.php
Pipe Trader: http://www.pipetrader.com/
Pipedia: http://pipedia.org/index.php?title=Main_Page
Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine: http://www.pt-magazine.com/home.php?id=1
Pipes: Logos and Markings: http://www.pipephil.eu/logos/index-en.html
Pipes.org: http://www.pipes.org/index.php
The Professor’s Tobacco Reviews: http://pipes.priss.org/
R.D. Field: http://www.rdfield.com/
Samuel Gawith Tobacco: http://www.samuelgawith.co.uk/
Sasieni Pipe Dating: http://www.pipes.org/BURST/FORMATTED/222.035.html
Savinelli Pipes: http://www.savinelli.it/eng/index.htm
Smokers Forums: http://www.smokersforums.org/forums.php
Straight Grain Blog: http://straightgrain.blogspot.com/index.html
Tobacco Barn Blog: http://blogs.pipetrader.com/tobaccobarn/Default.aspx
Tobacco Cellar: http://www.tobaccocellar.org/
Tobacco Reviews: http://www.tobaccoreviews.com/index.cfm
Weber’s Guide: http://www.pipesmoking.net/pipesmoking01.php

From tzilt:
Here is a Custom Search Engine based on the links compiled by jgros001. It works just like google does but only searches those websites.
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Re: Pipe websites

www.knoxcigar.com has an enormous selection of both pipes and tobaccos with a slight discount. www.paylesspipes.com doesn't have quite the tobacco selection as most but the pipes can be heavily discounted. unfortunately bufflehead is no more but david does have some great tobaccos made for him by mcclelland and he does still have his site up at www.bufflehead.com.
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Re: Pipe websites

Here are a few of my favorite pipe related sites:

www.pipes.org (FAQ is great info)
www.iwanries.com (Good specials on high end stuff)
www.smspipes.com (Very nice meers)
www.smokingpipes.com (Great Selection and Pictures)
www.deadmanspipes.com (Estate pipes)
www.frenchyspipes.com (Estate pipes with a sense of humor)
www.smokershaven.com (Pipes and tobacco)
www.raddavispipes.com (American Pipe Carver)
www.amsmoke.com (American pipe carver)
www.tobaccoreviews.com/index.cfm (Tobacco reviews galore)

Woo Hoo.... break out the credit card ool:

Waiting for the Nub Lancero............
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Re: Pipe websites

Originally Posted by madurofan
Here are a few of my favorite pipe related sites:

www.pipes.org (FAQ is great info)
www.iwanries.com (Good specials on high end stuff)
www.smspipes.com (Very nice meers)
www.smokingpipes.com (Great Selection and Pictures)
www.deadmanspipes.com (Estate pipes)
www.frenchyspipes.com (Estate pipes with a sense of humor)
www.smokershaven.com (Pipes and tobacco)
www.raddavispipes.com (American Pipe Carver)
www.amsmoke.com (American pipe carver)
www.tobaccoreviews.com/index.cfm (Tobacco reviews galore)

Woo Hoo.... break out the credit card ool:
cool links! Thanks!
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Re: Pipe websites

Good list, guys.

Here are a couple more from my bookmarks:

loringpage.com/pipearticles/duntob2chart.htm - A chart listing Dunhill mixtures, their ingredients, and closest tinned counterparts

cornellanddiehl.com/ - Great place for quality tobacco (on the dry side)
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Re: Pipe websites

www.pipesandcigars.com was a good online ordering experience for me. I picked up a pipe and some tobacco through them. Very quick service.

Are you suggesting Coconuts Migrate?
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Re: Pipe websites

i've been on this guys email list forever, i dont' know why i never posted his link.






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Re: Pipe websites

bump. like a dumbass, i just edited my older post, which didn't show as a new post, thus the need for a bump.

well, i ran out of one of my aromatics today at lunch. a co-worker that i got into pipe smoking (dude has at least 3 grand in pipes, that he DOESN'T SMOKE anymore) gave me his favorite tobacco to try, and i have yet to break the seal (going on about 3 yrs now)...

what alcohol do you guys use to clean up your pipes with? i use to use "ever clear" because of the high content (until the teen step son drank it)...
do you guys use something better tasting (in case it leaves a flavor), like scotch or something?

"To be second guessed, you have to be the first guesser."
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