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Young Puffer Fish
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Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

I'm really on the fence about this guys. I try to get a cigar in everyday, but sometimes I can't give up a whole hour. So I have a few cigarillos on hand. They are hand made also. The issue I have is that if I smoke one, or a few, everyday, it feels like an addiction or something, you know what I mean? Is it better to just wait until the next day or two and light up a Churchill or robusto? Please tell me how often you smoke cigarillos and what occasions, and recommend some good quality ones which are a decent size, not some of the super skinny ones I have, ha ha.
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Wide eyed with wonder
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

Cigarillos can be good. I havn't smoked one for a long time. My suggestion is to simply buy some corona's. They aren't that much bigger, and they are usually much better quality.

I've heard good things about Don Lino Africa Kuro's which are smaller than corona but bigger than Cigarillos at (4.0" x 45). I can't post links, so look them up on google. They come in boxes of 40.
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Young Puffer Fish
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

Personally i'm a fan of waiting i only smoke Cigars (and pipes) on Friday nights and weekends. For me it's the whole sit down and relax enjoying the whole moment thing. Grabbing a cigar on the run isn't enjoyable for me at all. By Thursday lunch time i'm tasting them though. Just my 2 cents.
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True Derelict
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

About the only small cigar that I have smoked and enjoyed is the 601 Habano Guapito and it may not be a true Cigarillo. I like full strength/body cigars and just have not found any smaller than Pitit Corona sized cigars that fit my palate.

I don't always drink beer,,,
OK, yes I do
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Alpha Puffer Fish
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

I have tried a few of the Padron, Ashton, Fuente, and other tin based cigarillos, and while they are goo, most I find to be one dimensional, and not very appealing. If I don't have alot of time to smoke, i just grab a cheaper full sized cigar and smoke what I can, and relax while I can. The Fuente curly head, Montesino, Quorum, Tat series P, Rocky Patel 2nds, and things like that fit the bill nicely. I dont feel so bad throwing out a Montesino after 30 minutes becasue it only cost me a buck or two. Now if I threw a 1926 Padron out after 30 minutes, I would have to go to a therapist.
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Chicken of the Sea
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

My ride home from the office is 40 minutes. So 5 days a week it's a Petite, Single, or even double corona for the ride home. The Quorum, Alberto Fuente, and as I mentioned somewhere else here, a short Corribean Rum Runner. Most of these are 30-38 ring by x 3.5 - 4.5. Kinda similar to Chris' menu. But I break it up also with the occasional infused, Acid Blondie and CAO moontrance.

Since I quit a pack a day cigarettes, it's no fair tradeoff in my reasoning to smoke a $7 cigar daily. Or smoking thirty-five- cent cigarillos if going to smoke 20 a day and it's simply a filtered flavorerd cigarette to beat legislation by putting a brown wrapper on it and calling it a cigarillo .

Back to point, there are geniune, smaller versions of actual cigars out there. I tried Rum Runner "little treasures" and some "c note" small infused but It seems the Wrapper/binder/filler ratio gets offset when they "shrink" the cigar. And they are not smaller versions of their model, they totally taste different, and in my case, I indeed smoked the 5 pack, 10 pack or whatever, but I did not return.

Even that Outlaw or Swisher stuff is not for me. I need a 30 ring 3 inch for the quick smoke, by quick I mean I need 1/2 hour. And the weekends in the afternoon I get a Churchill or similar and a drink and relax. Like Travis says.

Joey you say you don't want it to feel like an additiion. Heres' my 2 cents.

Cigarettes cost me $250 a month / cigars cost me under $100
Cigarettes I freebase nicotine / Cigars I do not inhale
Cigarettes I smoked 1 an hour / Cigars 1 a day. And the dailys are small.
Cigarettes tell you when you must smoke. / Cigars I am in control
Cigarettes you can smoke one simply taking out the trash. Cigars you do not have time.

So because of my experience, after 35 years of smoking cigarettes, I do not desire ever smoking a cigar with a filter, or smoking any cigar of any kind that is meant to be smoked in 5 minutes. Because to ME that would be a habit. Understand I am here to support everybody in this wonderful forum, go cigarillo if you wish. I also don't preach to smokers as well ( man I hated when ex smokers would do that ! ) So really, if you want a cigarillo have at it. As for me, when you talk about habitual use, I have to stay away from cigarillos. Just too close to something else in my past.

The topic says "let's talk about cigarillos" LOL so there you go ... I just did.
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Maturing Puffer Fish
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

I agree with the above post that most of these are one dimensional. But if you are looking for a quick and consistent smoke these can be great. I personally like the Oliva and Perdomo tins, as well the the AF Exquisito Maduro. These all equal about a 45 minute smoke for me. If you want to get the best out of these small rg cigars, smoke them as slow as you can...
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Chicken of the Sea
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

Yes the AF Exquisito is a nice smoke. Just had one the other day. It feels like it has a reward to it, and that's what counts.
Last one aged in the humi only about a week it was perfect. I have 2 here I'm going to try age them a little more.
I just googled the Olivia to take a look.

Over here in rural PA we don't refer to coronas as cigarillos. Cigarillo we call common, machined, gas-station type cigars. I am looking at the cigars you gentlemen are discussing, they look like fine smokes to me. LOL some i am smoking right now.

Exactly what defines as cigarillos ?
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THE Ancient Rocker
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

I smoke small cigars (not exactly cigarillos) on my ride to work (about 20-35 minutes depending on traffic and RR Xings). Some of the ones I like the best are:

HdM Demitasse EMS (Sumatra) - 4" X 39 - box of 50 ~ $70 (BCP, JR)
H Upmann Cortico Vintage Cameroon - 4" X 33 - 5 tins of 10 ~ $50 (JR)
Rocky Patel Juniors - Sumatra (V92) - 4" X 38 - box of 40 ~ $60 (FSS)

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Generally, a cigarillo contains about 3 grams of tobacco, the length varies from 3 to 4 in. and the diameter is about 5 to 8 mm. Comparatively, a cigarette contains less than 1 gram of tobacco[1] and is less than 5" in length and 10 mm in diameter.

Being willing is not enough, we must do. - Leonardo da Vinci.
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Maturing Puffer Fish
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Re: Let's talk about cigarillos, shall we?

I was finding it hard to find 2 hours to smoke a robusto sized cigar so I ordered a bunch of cigarillos and some short story sized cigars. I don't think it's an addiction... It's more like smart time utilization.
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