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Reflections of an evolving newb.

It’s been a bit over a year here for me. Thought I would type a few thoughts about it for folks just joining Club Stogie in the hopes that it might help your experience here. If this is too long for you to read.. the short hand version is “be nice but be real”.

Everyone is different. If you take the time to read things and make contributions here, over time you will get a “sense of people”. Things may seem a bit foreign and overwhelming as first, mostly social shorthand from past shared experience. Don’t be intimidated jump in and make a contribution. In a shorter time than you might think, you are helping create the shorthand. This was my first “online forum” so a double challenge of the cigar slope an understanding how to interact was interesting.

Cigars. Man people smoke Cuban cigars? Who knew? Hey I didn’t when I joined up. There are a few rules related to this which you need to follow absolutely. The unwritten ones take some time to figure out. Anyone who stays here and participates will end up smoking cigars they never dreamed of. It’s the generosity of the Jungle. A legacy passed down from one out of control slope slider to the next out of control slope slider. The biggest unwritten rule is that it is un-cool to troll or overtly mooch from others. It’ll come in the natural course. Let it happen.

The easiest way to get the club to notice you in a positive way is cigars? Seems like common sense but many of us lose sight of that initially here. Smoke em. Write a review on em. Commenting about one you smoked in an existing thread if there is one up already is a sure fire way of getting some FOG’s to emerge from the mist for comment. The newbie sampler trade thread is a must. Followed by the NC Pif. These are structural ways of getting involved and getting to know people here. A love of cigars brings most people here. The interaction and exposure to the goodness hidden in all of us keeps those of us who become addicted to it here. Or you can just go the other way like I did and post 75 times a day for a month or so until people will do almost anything to get you to shut up.

Who’s who? Easiest way is to look at join date. If they have been here since 97 you can be pretty comfy that they be FOG and have stood the test of time. My perspective does not have that 8-9 year view. But judging from personal experience anyone that has been here a year or 2 has been thoroughly vetted. User notes are a pretty good judge of what people think and the users activity level here since they were installed in 2005. The caveat is that the true FOG’s active periods preceded 2005 so you cant really use this a any kind of barometer other than the basic “has this person been trustworthy”. It is probably the single hardest thing to figure out here. Lot’s of the older more knowledgeable gorillas have seen too many generations of us newbs. It takes some time to get to know them. Be patient. RG? ROFL! Hey I’m the poster child for it’s flaws. Pretty much a system that rewards activity and involvement in the board with a number by your name. If you are active and involved you probably are going to get noticed and dinged one way or the other. The real value, at least to me, is occasional words associated with the giving of RG. It’s that “moment” when you get to express what you think about someone or what they did or receive such from others. Affirmation is a positive part of anyone’s life. Post count? Read the posts. Judge the member by the content not the quantity. There are a number of who have generated huge post counts in short periods of time. The number is itself is meaningless other than that we (I) have too much time on our hands. Trader Ratings are a new addition to the Jungle. They are probably a nice should I or shouldn’t I gauge for you when you initially have to opportunity to buy, sell or trade. After that, the relationships you establish will be your guide.

Decorum. There are other cigar boards. All of which operate in different ways. Some think this is the board of too tight panty wearers. Has to do with PDS’s vision of creating a friendly place and an intolerance for rudeness. The Mods and elders are darn good at keeping the tone right. You will see folks visit here whose primary home is elsewhere. Most are great guys. Some are products of a different upbringing and you should see the difference. Judge for yourself. Treat others as you would like to be treated and things will work out just fine.
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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Your long version, Dave, is worth the read.
Great insight and advice for all of us.
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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Very well said Dave.
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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Here, Here! and if you were here a nip of Taylors's 20 year port

CobraSkip :u
"The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." TJ
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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Very well said Dave.

We all are Club Stogie.

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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Another awesome post my the mighty Klugs.
Cheers mate:al :al


100% KIWI
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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Thank you Dave for your thoughts and taking the time to share them with us. I appreciate the comments that you post.

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Thumbs up Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Great post Dave.

I would like to add a few things if I may for newbie's stepping into the jungle.

(1) Ring gauge. It is sort of a reputation meter if you will. Lord knows it took me long enough to figure out what it was and even longer on how to give it. If you wish to increase or in the rare occasion decrease someone's ring gauge, you have to click on the button that looks like this on the left side of someone's post. It took me a long time to figure out as I wanted to give RG but didn't know how to a while back. So there you go.

(2) Intimidation. It may be very easy to become intimidated by those who have thousands upon thousands of posts and even more cigars. I know I was. But take the time to get to know all of the apes here, get involved in some trades, passes, splits, or maybe even a bomb or two and I promise in no time flat you too will soon become a valued, respected member here. Not that you're not valued when you sign up, but you know what I mean.

I started off here knowing next to nothing about cigars, how to store them, what "good" ones are, where to get them, etc. I thought I was King B when I had two cigars in my Ziploc baggie on my dresser. That's right, I started off with no humidor, no cutters, no lighters, no knowledge. Just a few months later I have a great humidor which was given to me -- for free -- by a great BOTL here that is now filled to the brim with premium cigars, both Cuban and non-Cuban. I never would have dreamed in a million years I would have such a stash or so much knowledge, but by virtue of just hanging out at this place and contributing where I can, it is a reality.

As I say, sit back, relax, and enjoy a fine cigar. It's a great place to be.
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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Yep....that is an awesome post. A must read for newbies

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Re: Reflections of an evolving newb.

Thanks a bunch for your post.
I have only been here a short while and it is also my first online forum. I am astounded by the generosity of the BOTL's here as exhibited by opusxox in my first try at trading in the Newbie Sampler Trade thread. I am also very grateful for the many knowledgeable BOTL's willing to help a newbie along. Like you, I continue to evolve and hope to continue to enjoy the ride.
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