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SilverStreak 08-31-2012 05:03 PM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade
I'd like to sign up as a new puffer if possible

StogieNinja 08-31-2012 05:17 PM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade

Originally Posted by Koach Kuku (Post 3666585)
Can I sign up for another one of these?

Per the rules...


Originally Posted by Cigar Noob (Post 3598972)
Eligibility Requirements

New Puffer (aka: NP) – NPs are new members with less than 3 months active participation on the board that have Private Messaging privileges (granted after 5 days, 10 posts)
-Members can participate ONCE as a New Puffer.
-NPs are encouraged to participate as Friendly Trading Puffers after they been a member for more than 3 months.!

So you can participate again after you hit 90 days as the FTP, but not as an Noob.

Koach Kuku 08-31-2012 05:44 PM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade
Thank you sir. I'm not so good with the reading


Originally Posted by Aninjaforallseasons (Post 3666649)
Per the rules...

So you can participate again after you hit 90 days as the FTP, but not as an Noob.

hardcz 08-31-2012 06:21 PM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade
sign me up for FTP

Dhughes12 08-31-2012 10:40 PM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade
I'll go another FTP round. Bring on the carnage

smokin surfer 08-31-2012 11:03 PM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade
I'd like to participate as a new puffer please.

lostdog13 08-31-2012 11:39 PM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade

Originally Posted by shootinmatt (Post 3666223)
Woohooo you got them! I was beginning to wonder when the were going to land. Iput the T52 in because it is my fav, and the #9 because I wanted your opinion. The age old question, which LP is better?? Also the Los Blancos Nine is supposed to be a LP #9 knock off. So it's a nice package but it comes with homework LOL. I wish I got homework like that in school...

ah, now I see the homework assignment. Wish I had homework like that in school as well. I'll have to alter my plan on when to light these up so you don't have to wait so long. It is a very nice assortment, and I appreciate it Matt.

Cigar Noob 09-01-2012 12:00 AM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade

foster0724 + showcattle
Packerjh + Ryan731
Ortiz + mikebjrtx
ouirknotamuzd + Charles D
ouirknotamuzd + BoogerB
MontyTheMooch + xSentinelx
jurgenph + NJW1979
Shuckins + shakinghorizons
Lostdog13 + shootinmatt
(lostdog13 + upandcoming)

Friendly Trading Puffers
1. ShortFuse
2. Aninjaforallseasons
3. Aninjaforallseasons
4. hardcz
5. Dhughes12

New Puffers
1. TBone13
2. samiam2007
3. Eleigh
4. Dark Rose
5. Mr Dude65

-- Above this line you're active. PM your corresponding number to get started. --

FTP in waiting

NP in waiting
smokin surfer

--Please read the rules in the first post prior to signing up --

TJM 09-01-2012 12:40 AM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade
ok, I finally found a little time to show off of the damage that John sent my way that disabled me for a day! Sorry for writing so much, but I've been thinking about them since I received them from Johnny Rock and it felt good to write this out.

This bad boy sent me all cigars that I have never tried and pretty much every brand that was at the top of my want list. I can't really comment to much on the cigars except that I feel like a spoiled kid on Christmas.

Lets take a look at these:
Padilla Artemis - Padilla was near the top of my want to try list. My first box press
Padilla Obsidian - This cigar just looks so cool to me with its dark almost purplish color. Cant wait to snip this one and enjoy it for awhile
Padilla Cazadores - See above!

Punch Bare Knuckle - Elite - I've only had 1 Punch, but I heard about the bare knuckle and was on my list of cigars that I wanted to sample
Punch Rare Corojo - Elite - When I saw the cello on this little bad boy, I could tell it has some age. It seems like the wrapper has like a brown shade and I've only ever seen that on cellos from some reviews of well aged cigars.

Arturo Fuente Roasado Gran Reserva - Magnum R - Fuente was at the #1 spot on my want list. This will be my first Fuente! I'm putting a lot of pressure on this cigar, and I am sure it will live up to the Fuente legend if Johnny Rock sent it over.

CAO America - Landmark - Its another great day to be an American! Happy Labor Day all! First CAO too! This is a big boy, nice and fat. Biggest ring gauge cigar I will be trying too as it seems like most of the deals for cigars online are for robusto size (which is what I have been buying after extensive research on each cigar). I smoke slow so this is prob. a 2 and a half hour smoke. I can keep robustos burning for like 2 hours.

Padron - First Padron! A Padron was #2 on my list of need to try asap, just never came across a good opportunity to do so in my short cigar smoking career. Now, with thanks to John, I can break that Padron cherry.

Ok. Now I am onto the real big boy cigars from the "motherland" if you know what I mean! Honestly, when I saw these 3 cigars, I was running around my room and was so excited to talk to my buddy who is into cigars tell him about these. My first experience with the actual homeland of cigars. Here they are!

John could've sent me 1 of these and I would of been just as happy, but he was more generous than that!

Partagas Lusitania - The biggest cigar I have ever been in possession of. I am in love with this big boy. Aging since February 2011!
Cohiba Siglo IV - Probably my favorite thing I have received and favorite thing in my humidor. The infamous Cohiba Siglo brand, in that shiny metal tube that looks so cool. Inside is heaven, and smells like it too. I've been going to some sites and just drooling over these and now I will someday be drooling on the head of this Siglo IV! This has been aging since March 2010!
Montecristo #4 - This will probably be the first of the CCs that I will smoke as it will be a nice introduction to CCs IMO. Aging (or resting to some) since June 2011!

I honestly keep opening up my humidor to just look at these and smell them and admire. Truthfully, I am not sure if I can smoke them because it gives me that feeling like when you know vacation is coming up and you are so excited for it but also don't want it to come too fast as then you know it will be over real fast. It feels so good to know I have 3 CCs sitting in my humidor and it just gives me that excited stomach feel.

I'm going to have to eventually try them, but I need to wait for a special occasion so I can sit around with my CC and thank John for his generosity while having good conversation about CCs, politics, etc… I will definitely review my first CC once I get access to that section.

Its amazing what the internet and a community like Puff can be…Classy, caring, generous, fun, informing, cherry breaking, etc…and people like John and the other generous FTPs make it all possible for us noobs that are working on building our own experience and stashes so we can be ready to start bombing once we get access to addresses (I can't wait).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to try any of them out as I have been bogged down but will get to a couple at least over the next few days. Cant wait and I should have something in the reviews or a short blip in the "What are you smoking now thread."

John, I thank you so much even though you disabled me for awhile!

NJW1979 09-01-2012 01:28 AM

Re: Noobie Sampler Trade
Jurgen, the air raid is on its way. Stay awayr from the mail box until the smoke clears

0312 1430 0002 7880 7055

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