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12-30-2008, 12:07 AM
Here's a couple places if your looking to smoke off the beaten path.

The Rooftop at the Vendue Inn - This is a rooftop bar/restaurant that has a nice view of Charleston that you can still smoke at. It has 2 levels and usually has a band playing during happy hour (5:00p.m - 7:00p.m drink specials). Very good place to go if the weather is nice. Last time I was there Kevin Costner was up there having a good time.

Vendue Inn - Charleston, South Carolina (SC)
19 Vendue Range,Charleston, SC 29401
Phone: 843-577-7970

The Pourhouse - This one is located on James Island not to far from the James Island connector from downtown. This is a music venue with a huge back patio with a roof on top of most of it. It also has a cuban restaurant the El Bohio connected to it. El Bohio is one of the few if not the only authenic cuban restaurant in town. It has fair prices and the food is out of this world, it is run by Vanesa a Johnson and Wales graduate and I believe she's 2nd generation cuban. They have a little humidor sitting on the bar if you forgot to bring a smoke. From spring to Dec they keep the back patio open for happy hour while a local bluegrass/country band plays, otherwise they do not open the patio unless they are having a show and you have to pay a doorcharge.

1977 Maybank Hwy. Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 571-4343

The Tin Roof - If your in the West Ashley area after Kingston's is closed check out this place. It looks ruff on the outside but it is very trendy but dark inside. The patio they have out back is enclosed with a tin roof with some unique and comfortable furniture. The crowd here tends to be fun loving mid 20's to mid 30's with a little indie/punk edge(in a good way). I've actually gotten alot of postive comments about the smell of my cigars here and nonsmokers will even ask to try puff. They open around 5:00pm but ussualy does not get crowded until 9:00-10:00pm. So you can enjoy a smoke here ealy before the crowd comes or later if your a night owl. They also have a screen projector on their patio that they play movies on and a very good import beer selection (lots of Belgians).

1117 Magnolia Road
West Ashley

Folly Beach - No smoking ban out here, Snapper Jacks right off center street has a rooftop on it with a view of the ocean. Right across the street is 11 Center Wine and Gourmet another rooftop establishment. During the summer the Tiki Bar at the Holiday Inn is open and has music during the weekend. Although, what am I talking about your at the beach smoke wherever you want.

All of these place are located off center street the main street into Folly.

Hope this helps, these a couple places I found to be cigar friendly that won't be featured in most tourist maps.

12-30-2008, 03:57 PM
Love Charleston wish I knew about these places when I was there four years ago

12-30-2008, 04:17 PM
Ahh... I've never smoked at any of those places, except cigarettes at Rooftop. The unfortunate thing about Rooftop is that they are changing the place from bar-oriented to more of a restaurant atmosphere. That means they have begun closing at 11:00pm. I really hate it, because I have been going there since my freshman year in college, all the way through the end of law school.

I also didn't realize El Bohio has a humidor! I was eating there in October before the Grace Potter show at the Pour House, and I had no idea it was cigar-friendly! You're definitely right about the food -- it was delicious and tasted much like the Cuban food I ate when I was in Miami last March.

I'll have to check out Kingston's and Tin Roof. I was never one to smoke much on Folly, because there is usually a constant strong breeze. Might try smoking a stick upstairs at Snapper Jack's or some of the other bars over on Center Street.


12-30-2008, 04:19 PM
Nice, thanks! I'll have to keep these in mind when I visit my Dad & Stepmom who moved out there a couple years ago!

12-31-2008, 04:04 AM
great! ive been meaning to find more cigar friendly places. too bad MTP went anti smoking to